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Arapahoe Sertoma Club Gifting Policy
Club President -Peter Pauwels

The Arapahoe Sertoma Club is in the business of providing Financial support to worthy community projects.  Our primary focus is toward the support of Speech and Hearing Programs.  So priority is given to requests of this nature.

We prefer to give funds to programs and/or individuals who have little in the way of outside financial support, especially in our own geographic area. But we have been known to offer funds to more distant communities whose needs are urgent and/or of an emergency nature.

We have a tradition of developing ongoing relationships with organizations that manage our gifts efficiently and provide ongoing assistance to people in need who are either unable to help themselves or are making a demonstrable effort to improve their lot in life and need a hand up.

We have accumulated substantial resources and are looking for worthy projects to offer support to. So, if you know of an individual or a group in need of financial support, especially in the realm of speech and hearing problems, in the vicinity of Littleton/Englewood Colorado, please make a written request for a specific amount of financial assistance, specify what the funds are going to be used for by whom and how granting that request is likely to assist our community.             

Address your letter to:   Sponsorship Chairman, Dick Enslow
                                              Arapahoe Sertoma Club
                                              P.O. Box 38
                                              Englewood , CO 80151


A letter from Linda, who received help from the Arapahoe Sertoma Foundation:

It's truly amazing how enhancing the sense of hearing has changed my perspective. I've had people ask me what I've done differently lately because my personality has changed (even through it's subtle, I can tell). I just feel more alert & I guess it shows. I'm thanking you again from the bottom of my heart-each season is beinging new sounds! Thank You!    Linda

   from one of her sons:

Thank you for these hearing aids for my mother. Fially I don't have to repeat myself 50 million times every time I want to talk to her. She can actually hear me now! Thanks again.

   from her husband:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! it has truly been a joy answering all of Linda's new questions, e.g. "Was that a bird?" "Have you always heard the peole across the street talking so well?" "What made that sound?" and I can finally answer her in a normal tone of voice! Thank you all again! Gary

  and from her company:

Dear Mr. Hiss:
Please accept this letter of thanks for your generosity in funding the hearing aid for Linda. Linda has been struggling without adequate aids for some time. The new hearing aid has made a world of difference in her ability to manage the many aspects of her challenging work which has impact on the many people we serve. many thanks for your kind and generous help. Sincerely, Pat